Monday, November 3, 2014

Tanknology's digital approach to UST Monthly Inspections featured in a new video

Watch the video here.
A new video has been released by Tanknology and ProntoForms, which features our innovative, technology-driven approach to monthly and annual UST Inspection Services.

This monthly inspection program helps UST facility operators by fulfilling their compliance requirement for regular, periodic inspections of their UST facilities. A requirement which stems from the Energy Act of 2005, facilities must be visually inspected, by a qualified inspector on a regular, periodic basis and hard-copy proof of those inspections must be available upon request to regulatory inspectors at every site. 

At Tanknology, we have taken a unique technological approach to these inspections. Our inspectors use handheld devices such as iPads and BlackBerry handsets to capture all the details of each onsite inspection – including capturing photos of any deficiencies. Auto-generated reports of each inspection are then available to our customers via Tanknology’s TANCS online customer data portal.

According to Jason Bloch, Manager of UST Inspections for Tanknology, this digital solution has been very well received by Tanknology customers.

“Our inspectors are verifying the actual condition of every component at our customer’s facility that is required by the regulations. In fact, in many cases, our customers are taking advantage of the customization afforded by our digital platform by asking us to inspect and report on more than what is required – going above and beyond the minimum regulatory requirements,” Bloch said. “It provides them with important assurance, on a regular basis, that their facilities are in the best possible operating condition and in compliance with the regulations.

“The fact the entire process is digital and customizable, with simple reports and photos of any deficiencies, has been very well received,” Bloch said, “as it helps our customers to quickly respond and rectify otherwise unknown issues at their facilities.”

You can watch the 3-minute video here.
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