Friday, February 5, 2016

"How Can My UST System be Leaking?" Don't miss a new PEI Journal article by our Brad Hoffman

In the first quarter issue of the PEI Journal, which just hit the streets, Tanknology's Brad Hoffman authored a feature article titled, "How Can My UST System be Leaking When I Have Leak Protection?"

Here is a clip from the article:

"Having worked with underground storage tanks (USTs) for more than 25 years, I've seen many industry improvements. Hundreds of thousands of old tanks have been taken out of service, upgraded or replaced with new systems and leak detection. Nearly 20 years ago, regulations required all USTs to be upgraded with spill and overfill protection, corrosion protection and leak detection systems. Today, you would think USTs wouldn't leak. Nevertheless, some USTs do leak and cause contamination. . . ."

Brad goes on to detail how leaks happen, talks about the regulations created over the past 20 years that are designed to prevent them, and provides recommendations for operators to avoid the potentially enormous costs and associated regulatory violations resulting from a leak.

Read the entire article online at the PEI Journal site here.

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