Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Tank Trouble Tuesday

 A fueling facility in Tanknology's Northeast region requested a TankCam® inspection of a 12,000 gallon fiberglass tank to inspect for undesirable conditions or abnormal operating conditions. The tank held regular unleaded.

The TankCam inspection revealed a build-up of sediment on the tank bottom. Some residue build-up was observed on the tank walls near the product line and white discoloration was seen on the top of the tank. Some peeling of a surface film was observed, but appeared to have no effect on the integrity of the fiberglass itself. Some corrosion was observed in the manway around the STP.

TankCam® video inspection services from Tanknology help you detect UST problems with no need for excavation or manned entry. TankCam is patent pending.

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