Monday, November 3, 2014

Tanknology's digital approach to UST Monthly Inspections featured in a new video

Watch the video here.
A new video has been released by Tanknology and ProntoForms, which features our innovative, technology-driven approach to monthly and annual UST Inspection Services.

This monthly inspection program helps UST facility operators by fulfilling their compliance requirement for regular, periodic inspections of their UST facilities. A requirement which stems from the Energy Act of 2005, facilities must be visually inspected, by a qualified inspector on a regular, periodic basis and hard-copy proof of those inspections must be available upon request to regulatory inspectors at every site. 

At Tanknology, we have taken a unique technological approach to these inspections. Our inspectors use handheld devices such as iPads and BlackBerry handsets to capture all the details of each onsite inspection – including capturing photos of any deficiencies. Auto-generated reports of each inspection are then available to our customers via Tanknology’s TANCS online customer data portal.

According to Jason Bloch, Manager of UST Inspections for Tanknology, this digital solution has been very well received by Tanknology customers.

“Our inspectors are verifying the actual condition of every component at our customer’s facility that is required by the regulations. In fact, in many cases, our customers are taking advantage of the customization afforded by our digital platform by asking us to inspect and report on more than what is required – going above and beyond the minimum regulatory requirements,” Bloch said. “It provides them with important assurance, on a regular basis, that their facilities are in the best possible operating condition and in compliance with the regulations.

“The fact the entire process is digital and customizable, with simple reports and photos of any deficiencies, has been very well received,” Bloch said, “as it helps our customers to quickly respond and rectify otherwise unknown issues at their facilities.”

You can watch the 3-minute video here.
Curious about what we find in these inspections? Take a look here.
To learn more about our innovative UST Inspection Services program, visit this page on our website.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

We hope to see you at the NACS/PEI Show in Vegas!

As the summer months are coming to a close it’s time to turn attention toward the largest annual trade show in our industry – the NACS/PEI Show in Las Vegas, which is just around the corner. Starting October 7th, and running through the 10th, the NACS/PEI show is always the ‘main event’ in the C-Store and Petroleum industries and this year’s event promises to be no exception.

We'd like to invite you to visit us in the Petroleum Equipment section, at Booth # 6523. Be sure to stop by and register to win an iPad and you can learn a little about these exciting services that we are featuring at this year’s show:

Site Inspection Services – Our monthly and annual inspections business is growing rapidly, as we’re providing inspections at thousands of sites each month. See a live demo on how our inspectors utilize wireless handheld technologies to thoroughly document the conditions of the site and provide real-time tracking and feedback on deficient conditions.

Aboveground Storage Tank (AST) Inspections – We’re not only the largest UST compliance services company in the country, but we also provide AST inspection services. So whether you have a need for SP-001 inspections or regular periodic inspections in conformance with your SPCC plan, let’s talk about how we can help you with your ASTs.

TankCam® Remote  Video Inspection Services – As tanks age, or sites are purchased, more and more operators are trying to discern the actual condition inside their tanks. Our TankCam video inspections provide that clear look inside a tank without the need for cumbersome and dangerous manned-entry. Stop by and see some of the surprising things we’ve found in the tanks we’ve inspected.

Stage II Decommissioning – As the removal of Stage II systems becomes more of a reality across the country and you embark upon the removal process at your facilities, learn how we can assist you with required decommissioning testing and then advising you on how to comply with the NESHAP Stage I testing requirements that will then be applicable to your facilities.

We hope to see you in Las Vegas and have an opportunity to talk about what’s new with your facilities and how we might be able to support you in the year ahead.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

What to do with your UST system after an earthquake

When a natural disaster occurs, such as the 6.0 earthquake in the Napa Valley of California over the weekend, UST operators in the disaster area frequently ask us, “What should we do about our tank systems?

Of course, the answers aren’t simple, as there are a lot of variables. But in the case of an earthquake, the California State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) has done an excellent job of outlining the initial steps to assess your UST system for damage.
In a document released this week, titled, Assessing Underground Storage Tanks for Earthquake Damage, the Board recommends the following first steps:

  1. Walk around the site and look for obvious signs that the system is compromised. If anything seems amiss, such as any strong odor of fuel, it’s recommended that you close the site down and call a UST Service Technician to further investigate.
  2. Determine whether your ATG leak detection system is in alarm and, if so, have a service technician perform an alarm check and run an inventory report to see if there has been a loss.
  3. If there are no obvious signs of a problem, then inspect all system access points. These include spill buckets, manways, sumps, dispenser covers, etc. You are looking for any abnormal conditions which could indicate a disruption to the integrity of the system. If you find anything, contact a service technician immediately.
  4. If there are still no indications of a problem, run each dispenser independently to verify proper operation.
  5. If product releases are discovered outside of containment areas, or there is any risk of fire or explosion, shut down the site and report it immediately to your local regulatory agency.
  6. Once all checks are performed, the Board recommends conducting a tank and line tightness test, secondary containment test, and spill bucket test as soon as possible. SWRCB says, “This is especially important if you have an older UST system, fiberglass components, or single wall components.”  
This SWRCB document contains considerable additional detail – the above is just an outline. You can find this document and download it from our website via this link.

At Tanknology, have been responding to our customers urgent requirements in response to natural disasters for more than 25 years. If you have questions, or require assistance in inspecting or testing your UST system, please don’t hesitate to call our office in Northern California at 1-800-964-0180 (or our Headquarters office at 1-800-964-1250) or use the Contact form on our website and we will contact you right away.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Tanknology exhibiting at first-ever UNITI expo

Tanknology’s International Division will be participating in the first-ever UNITI expo, an international trade fair and conference focused on all aspects of petroleum retailing, June 3-5 in Stuttgart, Germany.

If you are planning to attend the UNITI expo, please be sure to stop and visit us on the exhibition floor at Stand #6A60 in Hall 6.

For those familiar with the annual PEI/NACS Show, the UNITI expo is something of a European version, tailored to the petroleum retailing industries in Europe and international markets.

UNITI expo includes a trade exhibition, in which Tanknology is participating, as well as a conference and associated workshops covering eight categories: Forecourt Equipment and Technology (which is the fuel storage and dispensing systems and related services); Fuel Logistics; Car Wash and Car Care; Payment and Automation; Shop and Convenience; Motor Fuels, Lubricants and Additives; and Services and Media. 

The UNITI expo has been developed in association with PetrolPlaza, erpec and erpecnews, the leading European trade media for the petroleum-related industries.

We are excited to participate in this inaugural event. Please be sure to stop by and visit with us if you make it to the expo. For more information or to register for the UNITI expo, visit their website:

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Five team members promoted to key management roles

Tanknology today announced the promotions of five team members into key operations and account management positions in several regions of the U.S.

  • Dan Batten has become an Operations Manager in the Ohio Valley Region. Batten, who has been with Tanknology for eight years, is based in Columbus, OH.
  • Lauren Arons has also been named an Operations Manager. Based in Tanknology’s Gulf Coast Region, Arons works out of the Austin, TX office. Arons has been with the company for nearly four years.
  • Maurice Pezone is the third new Operations Manager. A 7-month employee of Tanknology, Pezone is based in the Southeast Region office in Suwanee, GA.
  • Jared Beavers is now Corrosion Protection Operations Manager. A 15-year veteran, Beavers is in Tanknology’s Field Services Group based in Austin. TX.
  • Denise Yohe has been named Senior Account Manager. Yohe is also based out of the company’s Ohio Valley office and has been with Tanknology almost 5 years.
“We are pleased to have the ability to promote from within the ranks of our team when it comes to selecting people for such key roles in operations and account management,” said Allen Porter, President and CEO of Tanknology.

“We put a significant emphasis on development and growth for our team members, so it is gratifying to see such capable people within our company step up to the next level with the opportunity to put their skills and expertise to work for our customers.”

Friday, January 31, 2014

See us at the California CUPA Forum in San Francisco

If you are taking in the California CUPA Forum Annual Training Conference next week at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport, you’ll want to be sure to take in a session at 10:00 AM on Wednesday, titled, Storage Tank Maintenance for Today’s New Fuels.

Video still of blistering and exposed fibers in a fiberglass UST
Tanknology’s Brad Hoffman, VP of Engineering and R&D, will be a speaker in the session, along with Wayne Geyer and Lorri Grainawi of the Steel Tank Institute.
Brad will be discussing PEI’s RP900 recommended UST Inspection and Maintenance practices and RP1200 protocol for Testing and Verification of Spill, Overfill, Leak Detection and Secondary Containment Equipment at UST Facilities; UST cleaning and removal methods; and sharing some actual video results from Tanknology’s TankCam® and PetroScope® video inspections of actual in-use USTs. Brad first shared some of these video clips at the National Tanks Conference in Denver last fall, and will be adding to them with new clips in this presentation at Cal-CUPA.

As a UST operator, it’s a session you won’t want to miss – 10 AM Wednesday in the Regency A room.

Be sure to also stop by and see us on the exhibit floor, where we will also have actual tank inspection video that you can view up close and personal. You will find us in Booth #30.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Three Tanknology executives named to PEI Committees

With the New Year came a new President of the Petroleum Equipment Institute (PEI). Phil Farrell, President of Double Check Company of Kansas City, MO, assumed the leadership of the industry’s largest association of companies that manufacture, distribute and service petroleum equipment.

Double Check Company is a strong partner of Tanknology, as one of our Master Alliance Partners (MAPs) in the U.S. We congratulate Phil on this new leadership role with PEI and know that the association is in good hands.

One of Phil’s first acts was to name members to PEI’s 22 various committees. Three Tanknology executives were among those named this week:
  • Brian Derge, Vice President of the Eastern Division, is a member of the Overfill, Release Detection and Release Prevention Equipment Testing Committee.
  • Brad Hoffman, Vice President of Research & Development is a member of the UST System Inspection and Maintenance Committee.
  • Eddie Campbell, Regional Manager of the Southeastern US, is a member of the Safety Committee.
We are pleased to have the opportunity for our executives to participate with PEI in these important industry committees.