Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Tank Trouble Tuesday

A significant crack in the tank wall had allowed 36 inches of pea gravel to enter this single walled fiberglass tank in Kansas, compromising the quality of the midgrade fuel, and exposing the environment to potentially dangerous leaks. 

TankCam is patent pending.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Tank Trouble Tuesday

Overfill protection is a vital safeguard for your UST system.

More information on the EPA regulations on overfill protection, effective October 13, 2018, can be found here.

For state specific requirements, contact your local Tanknology office. We can provide a precursory TankCam inspection, then test the functionality of your overfill protection system to local regulatory standards. 

Visit our website for more information on the benefits of a TankCam inspection

TankCam is patent pending.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Tank Trouble Tuesday

We're headed across the pond this week, with a post courtesy of LCM Environmental, our Tanknology licensee in the United Kingdom.

At this site in the UK, Petroscope inspections determined the cause of an alarm in one tank, and revealed the same problem in three other tanks at the site.

LCM offers PetroScope Inspections and VacuTect Tank Testing, among many other services. You can visit their web site at LCMenvironmental.com/PetroScope and LCMenvironmental.com/VacuTect to learn more.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Tank Trouble Tuesday

We have featured many highlights from TankCam visual inspections in this series, but our Petroscope camera is a valuable asset in the field as well. 

Though more time intensive than a TankCam inspection, the Petroscope system allows for a more detailed evaluation of your tank. 

As part of the evaluation process, the Petroscope video footage is provided to one of Tanknology’s NACE-certified corrosion engineers, who studies the findings and generates a detailed report on the condition of the tank.

You can read more about Petroscope inspections and other corrosion protection services on our website.

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