Tuesday, November 1, 2011

EPA releases proposed changes to UST regs

The Federal EPA has released a long-awaited draft of its proposed changes to nation's UST regulations. It proposes a number of revisions to the technical requirements stipulated in 40 CFR 280, as well as a number of new regulations and changes to the types of sites that are currently deferred from regulation.

Robert Renkes of PEI provided an excellent summary in yesterday's Tulsa Letter. You can read a copy of that here on the PEI website.

Additionally, a copy of the proposed rule and documents summarizing and comparing the existing to proposed regulations can also be found here on the website of the EPA's Office of Underground Storage Tanks (OUST).

The EPA expects the proposed revisions to be printed in the Federal Register this week, which will be followed by 90 days for public comment.

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Anonymous said...

Regulation is often a word people conotate as negative. The existence of a regulation or creation of a new one can be seen a something to malign However, when an accident occurs an overwhelming and resounding upheaval takes place over the lack of regulation. I say, better safe than sorry and keep the UST secure and well maintained.

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