Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spill and Overfill Containment - Catching Small Problems Before They Become Major Environmental Releases

There has been a lot of recent discussion regarding the importance of spill and overfill containment buckets.  A recent study conducted in Florida identified that roughly 36% of all UST releases were the result of faulty spill containment buckets - an astounding figure. Link Proposed updates to Federal regulations currently up for discussion will require not only the installation of double walled buckets during new construction and upgrades, but also periodic testing for leaks. We have heard many opinions on the proposed rules as a whole (both positive and negative), but the consensus seems to be that spill containment is a logical place to require updated equipment and periodic testing.

Addressing critical containment equipment with frequent inspections, cleaning, and regular testing can often identify a small pinhole leak before it becomes a cause for delivery prohibition by a local inspector, or worse a major environmental cleanup. Vacuum testing is fast, requires little or no interruption of normal fueling activities, and does not generate any contaminated water, eliminating the need for expensive disposal.

This quick and low-cost test could save an operator tens of thousands of dollars down the road.

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