Thursday, October 12, 2017

Visit us next week at the NACS Show in Booth 3319

Last year, the EPA released a study showing that 83% of ULSD tank systems in the US contain moderate to severe corrosion. Many petroleum system operators—perhaps including you—are left wondering about the implications of that study, what they can do to mitigate and prevent corrosion, as well as how to prepare for the new EPA regulations which have a first major implementation date in October of next year.

Visit us at PEI at the NACS Show next week in Booth 3319 in the Fuel Equipment and Services Hall for detailed resources on these topics and an expert opinion.

We did the field work for the EPA corrosion study and are intimately familiar with the challenges your fueling system faces. The same camera system that captured the video for the EPA study—our proprietary TankCam® inspection process is also available to your sites and requires no fuel removal or manned entry. If you’re a large retailer, TankCam can help you identify which aging tanks should be prioritized for replacement. In addition to the actual video from the EPA study, in our NACS Booth you can also learn about our new TankCam HD.

If you have fuel quality concerns: we offer solutions for a clean tank including our TankCleanTM  high pressure washing service paired with the visual verification provided by a simultaneous TankCam inspection, FuelPureTM fuel purification services,  and fuel analysis, all with how-to knowledge gained after 20 years of tank cleaning experience.

The heart of the new EPA regulations, set to take effect on October 13, 2018, address secondary containment testing and UST site inspections.

A dedicated Tanknology Division oversees Secondary Containment Testing and Repairs to provide you with optimal service. We have been testing secondary containment components since 2001 and repairing sumps and under dispenser containment (UDC) systems since 2005, so these are not new services to us by any means. Our full service secondary containment testing program, including our Test Water Management Program, lowers overall testing cost, reduces environmental risk, and utilizes industry-leading technologies and methodologies compliant with PEI Recommended Practices. 

State and federal regulations will soon require a periodic inspection, also called “Walkthrough Inspections,” on a monthly basis. Our Inspections Division currently keeps more than 2000 sites in compliance to avoid regulatory fines and violations.

Tanknology is the worldwide leader in UST tank testing and petroleum site compliance. Partner with us and you’ll soon understand why.

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