Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Tank Trouble Tuesday

A fueling facility in Tanknology's Southern California region requested a TankCam® inspection of a 10,000 gallon singlewall fiberglass tank.

The inspection revealed severe flaking on most surfaces as well as a build up of sludge and liquid at the bottom of the tank. No cracks were observed in the tank but the TankCam inspection also found a broken tank stick at the bottom of the tank. While the tank was not currently in use, Tanknology recommended diligent monitoring of the leak detection results and periodic follow-up inspections to detect possible crack formation, until the tank can be repaired or removed.

TankCam® and PetroScope® video inspection services from Tanknology help you detect UST problems with no need for excavation or manned entry. TankCam is patent pending.

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